13 November 2011

Preggy info : Week 25

Baby Size
34.3 cm
Baby Weight
0.680 kg
Your baby's body parts are continuing to become more proportional to each other. Baby fat is also continuing to fill in your baby's wrinkled skin for a smoother look and more hair is growing, developing texture and color.
Now roughly the size of a soccer ball, your uterus is halfway between your sternum and your bellybutton. All this growing might cause your stretched out skin to feel itchy in places. Try to relieve the itching with lotions and moisturizers.

On the flip side, you're probably still enjoying the fullness of your hair, actually caused by your hormones decreasing the shedding process. Unfortunately, this extra hair won't last after you've given birth.
Health Tip
Many pregnant women are concerned about household cleaners, insecticides, and chemicals. Always check with your doctor for his or her recommendations before using any chemicals.

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