26 October 2011

Info Preggy - Week 22

Baby Size
27.9 cm
spaghetti squash
Baby Weight
0.454 kg
Your baby's senses are really developing this week. Taste buds are forming and nerve endings are developed enough for your baby to experience the sensation of touch.
Now that your baby bump is showing, you may find that you're the center of attention and people around you, even strangers, will take liberties to touch your belly. If you're uncomfortable with all this touch, it's okay to tell them.

Around your belly, buttocks, and hips you may notice tiny red lines or streaks, the beginning of stretch marks. As a preventative, some women swear by moisturizers, although medical practitioners will tell you that genetics plays a bigger role.
Health Tip
While saunas and hot tubs may feel soothing to your aching body, be careful not to overheat your body. That means avoiding saunas or hot tubs that are maintained at a temperature greater than your own body temperature. Overheating your body for prolonged periods of time can affect the development of your baby. Check with your medical practitioner for recommendations.

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